HYPE Fitness

HYPE Fitness

MONDAYS at Teddington Methodist Church
7.45-8.45pm: Bokwa Fitness Level 1

Bokwa Fitness® is the next big thing in dance fitness to hit the UK. Hannah Al-Khaldi is the FIRST Level 4 instructor to bring Bokwa® to London, personally taught by the creator of Bokwa®, Paul Mavi.

Hannah is a Bokwa Masterclass Trainer, hosting promotional events for Bokwa Fitness, training new instructors with the Bokwa team at certifications, and mentoring new instructors in the local area.

Bokwa® is the latest dance-fitness craze in the UK. A blend of light boxing, kwaito and South African dance steps to club music, which really gets you moving. Steps spell out letters and numbers on the floor, making it very easy to follow yet an intense workout- if you can move and you call spell, then you can Bokwa®!

You don’t need to be fit or great at dancing- it’s about having fun, getting sweaty and losing weight in all classes. I myself have lost 8lbs since starting teaching Bokwa. The main concept is that you’re having so much fun with the steps, that you don’t realise that you are burning up to 1300 calories per class.

If you can move and spell, then you can BOKWA®!

All classes £5 each or 10 classes for £40.


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