If you’re an independent trader based in TW11 and want to know more about Totally Locally Teddington then check out this page for more info.

Meetings will probably be every 2 months or so but sometimes more frequent, depending on what events are happening throughout the year.
What is happening next? There is the Summer Surprise from 13th-27th August 2015, you can download and print the poster below (right at the bottom of the page) and be sure to tweet @TLTeddington so we can spread the word about your special deal.

In addition to printed material you will receive to display in your shop and hand to customers, you can download any of these resources and print them to your heart’s content!

Totally Locally isn’t really a ‘membership’ thing, there are no fees, we might need a bit of ££ every now and then to get special things printed but you can also print any of the below media and display it to help spread the Totally Locally word. It’s all designed to be nice and friendly, we meet in social places like pubs, restaurants and cafes. Are there any rules? Sort of – read the House Rules.

Shop poster, designed for stickers but feel free to print and have on display in your business:

This is designed for a town hessian-type or paper bag but can be used for anything really:

A lovely small poster to have on display on your counter or in your window. Photos of you in your shop or business would look really fab on our website if you are holding this version without website address for the camera!

Here are some splendid bookmarks thank you notes to hand to shoppers after they shop! These will need cutting into strips (4 per page).

Similar ones to tell people how their £10 has helped yours and other local businesses & suppliers:

This is the Totally Locally manifesto, available as A4, A3 and A4 double-printed.

The first Teddington Fiver Fest will be taking place 2nd-16th February 2013 “Love where you live”. Here are some examples from another town’s to inspire you! You can print these off, chop the page in half and display your £5 offer(s) on your window.

Those clever and thoughtful chaps at Totally Locally HQ have created something wonderful, they call it The “Declaration of Independents”. We think it’s fab, hope you do too. There are lots of words here but it still works well as a poster and like the manifesto the intention is that passers-by will both metaphorically and phyically stop and think when they read it. Also available as PDF and could work well on a shop counter or a noticeboard as well as in a window.

This fab illustrated map of Teddington’s second Fiver Fest offers has been put together by Rachel Morris, a local artist and illustrator.

Available as a image (jpg) or a larger PDF.

February Fiver Fest was a great success so we thought some illustrated stats would look great as a poster, also to announce what’s coming up next (people were asking even before the first FiverFest had even ended!) Please print this to display in windows to help the momentum carry on. If you want a copy and cannot print, let us know and we’ll drop one off.

The ‘Did You Know’ poster is quick, simple and effective way to get people through your doors and buying your stuff! Print off, write something interesting in the centre and affix in a prominent position.

We hear lots of fab things that people might not know about your business such as you offer free local home delivery, you bake all your own cakes on site, you stock a certain range of products at the back of your shop, you hold weekly classes, what food you serve comes from local suppliers, how long you have been in business etc… and it would help attract more customers if they knew this.

You could also use this poster to announce a new offer or range of products or a special event – anything really! Feel free to update yours as often as you want and get people stopping and reading these as they walk around town and then pop in.

Did You Know… this is also available as PDF.

The Five Pound message – simple, to the point.

Here’s a nice poster for your window which explains what Totally Locally is all about. Also available as a PDF.

Oh look here’s a fantabulous colouring-in page all about Totally Locally Teddington for the little ones – feel free to print and have available for kids visiting your business and/or the back of a children’s menu. If you want your company logo on the top of this, ask us!

Two posters for your windows: [Left] the Magic Tenner number, calculate how many other local businesses you work with and write the number in the centre of this. [Right] Tempting Teddington Tenner offer strips for participants of the Teddington Tenner £10 fortnight 17th-31st October!

A lovely bespoke ‘Teddington Tenner’ with a Teddington-inspired design – designed to have handy to demonstrate the Magic Tenner principle:

Halloween is almost upon us and it would be great if as many windows as possible have this poster displayed in the run-up to October 31st, particularly if you are thinking of a ghoulish window display already! Basically thanks to the support of locals, we’re not a ghost town and we would like to keep it this way!

It’s Christmassssssss! We’re challenging locals to give us their Christmas Lists and we’ll find suggestions and ideas to buy locally right here in Teddington. There’s a nice poster to go in windows and also a Teddington Christmas shopping list too (for the back of the poster when printed A3 but you can just print these off large too!)

It’s the Amazing April Draw again! If you’re taking part & handing out tickets with purchases, here’s a poster for your window:

On June the 1st 2014 we’ll be hosting a Totally Locally Teddington World Cup! 16 businesses will have teams battling it out in Bushy Park to be crowned the cup winner. Here is a smashing poster available as single (A4) or double (A5) print:

It’s 2015, the sun is blazing, it’s time for the Summer Surprise! Download this poster, complete the centre with a smashing offer (related to summer would be good, but anything can be used)! So that everyone can take part there is no £5 or £10 price point, it can be anything you like! It could be just one product or a range. Let us know via Twitter and Facebook and we can help spread the word.

Photo montage of Teddington