Local Christmas Shopping

No doubt some people will be sat at home smugly with all of their Christmas presents already bought but also no doubt there will be others part way through their list or some who haven’t even started yet [ahem, maybe us].

Of course you won’t be able to buy some items from your lists in Teddington or from independents, but there are plenty of great local shops full to the brim with Christmas stock that deserve a good rummaging through.

The famous ‘snowing’ Christmas tree at Divine Hair & Beauty

Our lovely boutiques are full of shiny presents: Mitzi-B, Hierloom, Shambles new pop-up hamper shop, La Casa Del Habano (no they don’t just sell tobacco!), Studio 148, TCS, Moonstone, Paul Kay Jewellers and Boho Boutique. Florists Zeldaland and Jo Butler flowers also have Christmas wreaths to adorn your door or dining room table. Many local hair and beauty salons have gift vouchers available so why not treat someone you love to a bit of pampering!

Don’t forget there are also many local shops selling a large range of Christmas Cards and wrapping paper – from charity shops, to The Loft, , Urban Suburban, Kitchen Sync, Teddington Essentials and of course the Card Collection.

Many local businesses usually report a mad rush of people just before Christmas that can’t find the presents they are looking for in nearby towns or London so only then do they resort to looking locally! Why not save yourself the driving, parking, cost and crowds by trying here first?

PS it’s not too late to order your Christmas cheese from Teddington Cheese (last order date is Monday 17th December) or your organic of free-range Christmas Turkey from our butches AG Miller (last day Saturday 15th).

What are your local Christmas shopping tips?

Christmas decorations at The Loft

The Guardian’s local shopping map

The Guardian have launched an interactive local shopping map to help people discover and share the best places to shop,eat and drink in their area. Plans were already in the making to create our own version of this but for now we can all submit items to the Guardian one!

Excerpt from the article:
We keep hearing about the death of the high street and the growth of chain-shop Britain. But there are still thousands of brilliant independent shops out there – and we want your help to find them.

Today the Guardian launches an open community project looking for the best retailers across the UK and beyond. We have built a comprehensive interactive map to promote fantastic local retailers, market stalls, restaurants, cafes, booksellers and all the shops that enhance your local community.

It’s easy to get involved, and you do it using Twitter, Instagram, or n0tice – our new online community platform. As long as you have turned ‘location on’ and tagged your reports with #localshopping, the images and stories will be pinned to a live map of shops across the UK and beyond.

So we would LOVE for the nice residents and visitors of Teddington to submit info about their favourite local shops. This is very simple, all you need to do is:

1. Turn your location on so they know where to pin your post.
2. Take a picture (whilst in or next to the shop itself) and write your tip or what you love about that shop.
3. Tweet, Instagram or n0tice it with #LocalShopping hashtag.

Simple! Let’s get Teddington on that map!

Sainsbury’s Local mooted for High Street

Occasionally we hear about supermarkets trying to move into Teddington – Waitrose have been looking for somewhere for quite some time but couldn’t find anywhere big enough with adequate parking. There have been rumours about Sainsbury’s trying too and now plans have been submitted to Richmond Council.

The building on the corner of Langham Road and High Street (near The Landmark Arts Centre) does seem to have a high-turnover of different businesses and we thought that high-end furniture store Calligaris might have found a long-term home there but apparently not :/

The plans can be found online here and objections have already been made. If you wish to lodge an objection, remember to stick to Richmond Council’s guidelines on how make a valid objection to plans.

The A1 (shop) license that the building was granted on the basis that food could not be sold there. Why does Sainsbury’s think this can be changed? We don’t know! But’s obvious that the Council originally thought that other nearby local food-selling businesses need to be protected so we think this should still apply.

A 7am-11pm daily opening time is likely (11pm currently served by franchise Budgens 500m away) and Marks & Spencer is only 250m away – it’s not clear then what the need for another supermarket in town the size of Teddington would be. Plans are indicating that most would walk or cycle here so shoppers could just as easily shop at M&S.

We believe that aside from a slightly shorter walk for some, the town wouldn’t really benefit from this additional supermarket chain and it would be more detrimental to existing, independent businesses who already suffer from this type of competition. Due to it’s small size and parking provision, it’s not likely that it would bring many additional shoppers to the area. Even the name “Sainsbury’s Local” is somewhat misleading! This might be geographically local but certainly not in nature.

If you wish to object, use one of more of these reasons:
Visual amenity, adequacy of parking/loading/turning, road safety, highway safety, traffic generation, noise/disturbance, design/appearance of building (especially when put into context of our lovely almshouses opposite), previous planning decisions.

Don’t make it about:
House prices, changes to a view, the impact of construction work, personal or moral views. Also the Council mentions not making it about ‘competition between firms’ which is a tricky one – really that might be our strongest point, so although it might be in the forefront of your minds, mention the legitimate reasons as your main ones!

Council planning page for apllication 12/3584/FUL.

Kirsten Brown, we salute you! One of the many objections already made against the plans:

Teddington was shown in all its glory last week at the Teddington Lights Up – supported by local small business owners and shop keepers. It has a valuable village charm which locals are striving to keep.

To add another supermarket to our locality would be completely superfluous to requirement. There are numerous cafes and food outlets along the High Street and their livelihoods and businesses would all be at jeopardy if another large organisation were to move in.”

The main plans had to be re-submitted due to an error with the address given so there is more time to object (until 20th March 2013). The separate alcohol license (7am-11pm) submitted is also receiving strong objections from residents, groups and also the Teddington Police team who fear a return to problems in nearby Udney Hall Gardens.

For more info, check out this group that has been setup to fight the plans.

The Richmond and Twickenham Times will be taking photos of those protesting the proposed store at 9am on Monday 25th March 2013 at the Calligaris site so if anyone agrees with the objection and is free, please join the crowd for the picture! Leo King has also created some fab placards (above) for some to use.

The licensing hearing on 11th April 2013 ended up with Richmond Council granting the license with 14 stipulations including slightly shortened alcohol-selling hours (8am-10pm) – a move that lead the local police team to drop their objection. There is a chance to appeal this decision and the case for the planning proposals will be held separately.

Teddington Goes Totally Locally

Teddington is the latest place to take Totally Locally! A crack team of volunteers is already working late into the night to bring you the launch event on Christmas Lights-Up evening, Thursday 29th November 2012.

Totally Locally is about opening your eyes to the great independent shops and businesses which grace Teddington. It’s here to encourage you to turn into the door of that shop you walk past every day. Go on, give it a try – there’s a good chance you’ll want to go back.

It’s about supporting local growers, producers and services: be it furniture makers, farmers, accountants or bakers.

Most of all though it’s about people. Great people. People who care about what they do, what they grow, what they make and ultimately the people they sell it to.

And it’s about all of us. A collective responsibility of all of us to support these businesses. Because when we do our towns thrive. If you support a local shop or business, chances are they support at least ten others. And those ten support another ten each. It’s the very structure of what we have come to love about this area.

Independent traders meeting

An open meeting for all independent retailers in Teddington will taking place on Thursday 22nd November 2012 6-8:30pm at the function room above the Bloated Mallard.

Please come along to learn all about the TotallyLocallyTeddington campaign, what it could mean for businesses in Teddington, how it will work and what you can do to help.