Diners Turkish Delight

Diners Turkish Delight

Diners Delight has been a cafe since 1991 and changed hands more than 7 years ago. With the change in management, there were demands from customers for a restaurant. So in August 2009, Diners Delight relaunched itself as Diners Turkish Delight and now also opens as a real charcoal grill & meze restaurant from Wednesday to Saturday evenings from 5pm.

First Wed of each month we have authentic live belly dancing to accompany the charcoal-grilled Turkish food, including delicious mezes and home-made, freshly baked complementary balloon bread. Grill & meze menu includes: mezes, kebabs, home-made fresh breads, salad, vegetarian meals, seafood, kids menu, desserts, beer & wine and spirits.

020 8296 9048

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