Judys Herbal Remedies

Judys Herbal Remedies

My name is Judyta Zyrek BSc Herbal Medicine and I am qualified and registered Medical Herbalist based in Teddington Orange Tree Clinic providing private and confidential consultations to clients.

As medical herbalist I believe that Herbal Medicine is an excellent way to support ones health and general well being in a natural and gentle way through use of pure and raw form of natural herbs which means that the benefit of herbal medicine treatment is directly harvested from the plant.

When dealing with health issues I like to incorporate traditional as well as a modern approach which enables me to apply a wider knowledge in number of patient’s symptoms, to decide the best course of treatment and get to the root of problem.

From my perspective each patient should be treated as an individual therefore when it comes to prescribing herbal treatments I choose number of specific herbs that are suitable for that particular patient even if they are on medication in which case the herbal prescription would be adjusted accordingly.

The most common conditions that I normally see in my clinic are: indigestion, flatulence, IBS, constipation, food intolerance, poor circulation, stress, anxiety, and mood swings, hormonal imbalance, PMS, menopause, infertility, migraines, psoriasis, eczema, acne, psoriasis and arthritic pains as well as other illnesses.

If you would like to book a consultation please contact me directly at www.judysherbalremedies.com or call 07860819598.


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