Feedback from Fiver Fests and Teddington Tenner has been so magical and nice that we archived them here:
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Vince Cable, Minister Business, Innovation and Skills tweeted his support for the Teddington Tenner campaign. Thanks Vince!

A nice mention from TV retail expert Mary Portas as a pick of the best latest high street initiatives:

Richmond Magazine article about Teddington being voted into the top top best high streets in the UK for the Telegraph ‘re-inventing the high street’ campaign! We didn’t win (we would have probably mentioned it otherwise!) but to be in the top ten in the country is simply awesome and shows that Teddingtonites are really supporting their high street.

Totally Locally Teddington mentioned in this Evening Standard article featuring Play Inside Out – about how supporting local independent retailers benefits us all and helps our neighbourhoods to thrive.

Cavan Bakery newsletter:

TW11 Magazine March 2013.

Teddington Society Tidings newsletter Spring 2013 edition.

Richmond & Twickenham Times 1st February 2013.

TW11 Magazine December 2012.

Chris from Totally Locally & other Totally Locally HQ stuff:

The Totally Locally Town Kit has been running a couple of months up to launching soon in different towns. We wanted to share this picture with you from Teddington in London. They’ve gone and done it themselves, using the kit and there’s a real buzz going on there, with press and businesses all getting on the Totally locally bandwagon!
We are so excited about this, (and the fact that we now know it actually works!).

Totally Locally Towns update April 2013
Since November we have been inundated with towns wanting to go Totally Locally. Across the UK, and from as far as Canada & Greece. We will try to get a list for everyone to see, but in the UK they start in Lanark in Scotland, and end up in Christchurch in Devon. They include market towns, suburbs of cities, and now even an award winning indoor market in Durham have decided to go with it! It is a great feeling to know that what we have ‘put out there’ has struck a chord with people so well.

Some amazing things have been happening in places like Teddington, where their first Fiver Fest had huge result, and they have now branched out into doing new stuff, which they are adding to the town kit for everyone else to use.

“Did You Know” posters go national, perhaps even global!
A nice little poster for you to write some great stuff about you or your shop. From what’s produced locally, to what you do that’s unique, to what’s your favourite shop to where you like to go on holiday! Anything that engages with your customer. Check a few of these ones out or go to and see what they did.

It was added to the Kit by Totally Locally Teddington, because they wanted to share it with all the other towns. A really simple, but great idea. This is what we want!

Photo montage of Teddington