Are food shopping habits changing?

As the horsemeat scandal is still making headlines, consumers are increasingly questioning the lack of quality control in the pre-packaged food industry. Whilst reading this might make some choke on their lunch, it may be a blessing in disguise for the more traditional suppliers of food.

A Which? consumer poll has revealed that 30% of shoppers are buying less processed meat, 24% buying fewer ready meals and overall 60% had changed their shopping habits since before the horsemeat scandal.

Trust in large supermarket and processed food has clearly been eroded and this goes to show how easily it can be abused by large supply chains and companies – the more of your food is prepared behind closed doors, the less you know about what ingredients are involved and quite frankly the less beneficial it will be for your health.

Here at Totally Locally we of course encourage the purchasing of fresh, local produce as much as possible so your meals will be tastier, healthier and with the added bonus of supporting local independent businesses!

In recent weeks Teddington’s butchers AG Millers has seen a noted increase in new faces at their shop on Waldegrave Road – this is great! They know this because unlike most supermarkets, they know and interact with their customers, chat to them about the weather, share a joke or two and ask what meal they might be making with the goods they are purchasing & offer further advice.

AG Millers doesn’t sell just meat, also on offer are [deep breath].. freshly cooked baguettes, organic eggs, fish cakes and pies, freshly prepared sandwiches, cooked pies & sausage rolls, locally produced ‘Teddington honey’, shelves stocked full of items to help cook and accompany their delicious meats – mint sauce, gravy, ketchups, oils, pasta and flavoured mayonnaises. All their selection of burgers, sausages, pasties and pies do not contain any mechanically recovered meat and are made on the premises.

What are our favourite AG Miller sausages I hear you ask? Well they are lamb, mint & apricot and the more traditional pork, honey & mustard. Their lamb steaks have to be tasted to be believed and their bacon is proper thick, tasty smoked or unsmoked with no hint of added water that helps shrink pre-packaged bacon during cooking.

Interestingly some Teddington residents lament the lack of a butchers without realising that there is one! Others are not keen to visit because they consider it too far from the high street. We have timed the walk and it’s 7 minutes if you don’t stop for too long to admire Noel Cowards blue plaque, marking the house he was born in!

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