Teddington Hardware

The shop of every DIY-enthusiast’s dreams, Teddington Hardware is owned by Sylvia Wallis who runs the store with her daughter Nikki, along with a very friendly and efficient team who will be able to help with the most unusual of DIY dilemmas.

Venture inside and you’ll be amazed at the choice on offer. From picture wire to paint brushes, light bulbs to locks and candles to cleaning products, this Aladin’s cave is stocked to the rafters and has everything you could need for that essential job. (No excuse to put it off now!)

One of the things most customers start by saying when they visit Teddington Hardware is “I know you probably won’t have it, but…” However, it is safe to say that they usually do. And on the off-chance that they don’t have exactly what you need, it’s never too much trouble to order it.

What makes Teddington Hardware a real GEM is that the warm and friendly staff never make you feel silly for asking the most ridiculous of questions. One customer says: “Lots of places could learn a great deal about good customer service by visiting this shop. The staff are so helpful and friendly, prices are very reasonable and we are lucky to have such a good shop in Teddington.

You see this little thing that goes there…” is often all you need to say to these knowledgeable experts for them to know exactly what you need. Before you’ve even finished trying to describe it, they’ve often darted off to a corner of the shop to find it for you.

One of the other great things about Teddington Hardware is that you can buy just one single bolt if that is all you need – you don’t have to buy a big pack.

Peter Lynn, of Bushy Park Gardens, Teddington, a regular customer since 1986, says “You go to these great big DIY stores and they’ve never quite got what you want. Or you have to buy in big packets. Here, you can buy 1, 2 or 3 of something. The sheer range of products here is excellent! The tried and trusted products bought here years ago, can still be found here today.

Did you know: Teddington Hardware can mix over 8,000 different shades of paint in the shop!

119A Teddington High Street, Teddington, TW11 8HG
Tel: 020 8977 1324
Open Mon–Sat 8:30am – 5pm

The Teddington Hardware team: Manager Nikki, Terry, owner Sylvia and Cathy from Sales

Terry, Chief Key-Cutter & Paint Mixer showing off his ‘Prada’ eye protection!

Peter Lynn, a regular customer at the store for 27 years

The vast array of light bulbs stocked in the shop

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Photo montage of Teddington