The Magic Tenner

There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into the local economy can be over £50!

Imagine picking up a pork pie for your lunch. If you buy a local-made pie from a local shop, a big part of your money is passed on to the local piemaker. The shop employs a local accountant or even a decorator. In turn the piemaker who sources his meat from a the local butcher, a big percentage of his money with the butcher. The butcher then spends some of his money at his local garage. With each step, around 80% of each spend goes into the local economy. So in effect the money that stays within the local area gets more… and more.

This film, “A Tale of A Tenner” was created in Hebden Bridge – a lovely Totally Locally town in Calderdale, West Yorkshire where Totally Locally HQ lives, shows how this effect works:

Local independent businesses are far more likely to use other local firms than any of the big national giants would – it’s what makes them tick and they know the value of keeping it “Totally Locally”.

The Totally Locally Magic Tenner Campaign helps tell locals how important it is to consider where their money is spent, the marvelous knock-on effects that are created and just how much impact local businesses and shop have in the community.

In Teddington after the success of Fiver Fest, there will be two weeks of £10 deals from 17th-31st October to help spread the Magic Tenner word – with bags full of Teddington Tenner deals.

Check back here nearer the time to grab a list and map of these and keep an eye out for the Teddington Tenner offer posters that will be in windows all about town.

Grab some bargains and help turn that Tenner in to £50 in your local economy!

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